Ea's Reckoning

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Thus Far

Aboard a ship three unlikely persons found themselves bound together as prisoners being transported to a distant arctic prison. They along with hundreds of other souls were simply left to fend for themselves in the harsh terrain all chained in groups of three. Upon arrival they met a dying older man who had fallen to the harsh cold. He asks them to take his bag of silver and should they ever be free to take it to Elluvian and give it to his nephew, as this was all of his worldly goods and he would like to have seen at least one good thing done with his miserable life. Errularian a member of the three chained together takes the coin and tells the man that he will see it done, but he has no intention of doing so.

The three find a ramshackle of a town, and are able to remove the chains and move about more freely. They also realize that they all have certain talents and would behoove each other to stay together for the sake of survival. After some exploring they meet a man who has devised a plan for escape from the prison camp, but has been waiting for a group of stalwart individuals who would be a boon to the attempt. He enlists the three. They being Mina, a human, allthough shape changing magus, Errularian a psion Elohim, and Constantine a female elvan warrior and devotee of Tallon. They find escape through ancient Dwarven tunnels and arrive outside the great city of Dunhair. This set of three mountains have been carved out and a great city resides within and without. Once only Dwarven many races inhabit it’s fortified walls. As time passes and some odd jobs are completed, Errularian finds that he cannot resist spending the silver coins that he received from the old man. He is compelled to have to spend them, and or give them away. That night at the inn our unlikely trio has occupied there has been a rash of murders, and the city guard has apprehended all of the culprits, employees of the hotel, and something has driven them all mad and thusly to commit these grizzly acts. They set out to discover what may be causing this and after some investigation they determine that everyone to whom they had given a coin had been driven mad and began to kill. The city begins to tear itself apart as the chaos of the silver coins spread, as they pass from hand to hand within the city. Errularian also noticed an increase of the Elohim race about the city. The investigations of the group lead them to lands outside of the stronghold. Unknown to them a rather powerful Elohim obtained one of the coins used it to fuel his own powers causing a rift to be torn between Ea and the Void. As the demons flooded into the city they slaughtered the denizens and inhabited the bodies, raising a new city of newly birthed Elohim.

This act was witnessed by the group, but the call issued by the coin was too strong for Errularian to ignore and he was pulled into the city to join his brethren. Mina and Constantine watched as a member of the group was pulled forward, and as the slaughter ensued. They prayed, their voices cut into the heavens calling Vantir, and Tallon forward. Vantir gave them each a drop of his blood so that they could stave off the effects of the coins should they come back into contact with them, and told them that there was little that he could do to stop the onslaught, and that since it was they (the group) that released the coins into the world that they would have to be the ones to stop them. They asked how they could do such a thing. Vantir told them of the city of Shen on the continent of Lados. It housed great oracles that may be able to assist in the tracking of the coins. He also said that the retrieval of the lost member of the group would have to be undertaken by them, and that he could not intercede.

Mina, and Constantine bid farewell to the Gods and began to formulate a plan. As they approached the city in stealth a new force had arrived. A group of angelic beings issued forth from the sky, and began to slaughter the Elohim. They were spotted and nearly killed by one of the warriors. They used all of the guile and reasoning they possessed and spoke of the party member that was lost amongst the fray, and of the coins. The Angel agreed that he would release the lost member, and would allow them to escape in exchange for the release of their leader, who had been imprisoned deep within the wilds of the land that they were currently in. His race could not enter as it was fortified against such attempts but perhaps mere mortals could enter undetected and release Valkenia. They agreed. Within moments Errularian was amongst them once again and they had been teleported to a safe distance away from the city. However, as the celestials nearned victory on the surface of the mountains the earth shuddered and from the rift came Lucifer the commander of the Elohim, and he struck the angels from the sky. Upon seeing this new development the group fled as quickly as they could.

They now faced a decision. To retrieve the coins or immediately release the angel’s leader. They realized that the prison that enclosed Valkenia was probably greater than the strength than they currently possessed so they found passage through work to Lados. Again bartering and working they used a caravan as passage to Shen the great city of mages. They thought that they would be free of the coins grasp only to find through further interrogation that there had been a rash of strange crimes all stemming from 30 pieces of silver that had been anonymously mailed to the Arch-Druid who had conversely donated all of the silver to the poor.

The group is able to locate the oracle mages and speak with the leader of the order, but he is unable to pierce the veil. He tells of them of a tower that should they be able to escort him to no power should be able to hinder his abilities. They make way the next day to the Alysian tower, and safely escort the child oracle. Upon entering they find there are many tests and obstacles to overcome but do so and reach the pinnacle with the child. He begins his magic and is able to find most of the coins when an unseen force knocks him back and he is unable to locate the rest.
The group returns to Shen and rests for the night in the best hotel the rest of their meager pockets would allow for, and combined with some boasting from Errularian they secure rooms at the Royal Arms the most prestigious quartering establishment within the city. As they enter the chambers there is a knock upon the door, once opened there stands a man and a woman. They enter and exchange pleasantries. He begins to speak of the coins and of their actions, and they ask to who they are speaking that knows so much. He bows and introduces himself as the God of Chaos Tyranzael, and to his side his wife Goddess of assassins Raine.

He thanks them for being his pawns and moving his 30 coins about the lands. He also tells them that this is nothing more to him that an entertainment to him, and he will not stand in the way of him retrieving his coins, and that he will reward them should they actually be able to find return them all.

They set out and begin to find the coins. One was being used to return a dead land to life through illusion, another to place people in a zombie like state alchemically. Another was used to enthrall a whole city under the sway of the coins controller.

As they continued further south they were attacked by a Colossal Onyx Dragon, As it attempted to kill them it’s emerald flames cut into the earth, and the group fell into a deep crevice. They found themselves in a holding place of a chained elder god. He told them that he was the god of the sun and had been imprisoned for ages by the malicious and dark god Aldwyn. The group was able to find the key that unlocked the chains that bound him.

As they returned to the surface they found a group of five persons waiting on them. A young girl named Traleena, A dark skinned man known as the Colonel, An emerald clad man known as the great Serpent, A while reptilian humanoid called The White Dragon, and Valkenia, who had been already set free by another group. Melkor as they had learned the name of the golden armoured man whom they had just freed approached them and welcomed them as his brothers and sisters.
A bolt of lightning cascaded from the heavens, and from it appeared Tyranzael. He told them that he could not have done it better himself and that his coins provided ample chaos. It distracted the other gods from seeing his real goals, as his band of puppet mortals released the final ancient god of Chaos. The joined together and reality began to unweave, Raine appeared and saved the three from the fallout of the conjoined power of the ancient gods.

From here they were reformed and made stronger and were told that they must go into the world to the ancient strongholds of the 7 and release and or destroy that which tied the gods to the mortal plane. After which the gods could seek them out in the other realm and attempt to defeat them. The group agreed with the divines and were sent back into the physical realm.

Meanwhile three champion Deities are called forward to assist as the world is literally being torn asunder. They are also told that this will not affect just this world but will be like an unraveling thread of Chaos that will begin to consume all worlds and all realities. Tallon the god of death is enlisted (played by the same player as Constantine) Gasky a god of wild fire (played by the same player as Errullarian) and Celestia a goddess of Law and healing (same player as Mina). They meet the mortals upon the physical realm, and re-affirm what must be done.


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